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Office Space
Office Space (1999)
Starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston
Director: Mike Judge
Reel Snapshot: Madcap satire follows harried office workers rebelling against their tedious day-to-day grind. Despite some predictable moments, the sharp dialogue, zany sensibility should split the sides of anti-corporate cynics and downsized comedy-lovers.

Runtime: 90 minutes
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy
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New York Times - 7
Though he conceded its story was "undeveloped," Stephen Holden still enjoyed this "sneakily savage" indictment of corporate life. He especially liked the supporting players, particularly Stephen Root and Gary Cole.

Los Angeles Times - 8
Kevin Thomas was thoroughly impressed with Judge's live-action debut, calling the humor "sharp" and "funny." He especially enjoyed how it addressed serious, sinister subjects [like downsizing] rather than shying away.

USA Today - 6
Susan Wloszczyna wasn't too impressed with "Space's" comic resume, finding many of its gags simply "utilitarian." Still, she called it a welcome "comic bonus" in this less-than-stellar movie season.

Roger Ebert - 8
Roger Ebert was delighted by "Space,' which he likened to a "comic cry of rage" against the tedium of modern employment. He appreciated the film's unpredictability and self-tweaking moments.

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant (1999)
Starring: Eli Marienthal, Jennifer Aniston
Director: Brad Bird
Reel Snapshot: Clever animation depicting space-faring robot's collision into Red-scare 1950s America. Commendable blend of skillful animation, social commentary, oft-bleak humor engages adults, animation buffs, while fable-like fantasy appeals to younger audiences.
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Runtime: 86 minutes
Rating: PG
Genre: Animation, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
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KIDS FIRST! Kid Juror Review - 0
KIDS FIRST! All-Star Endorsement (three-star rating). Enjoyed the rural Maine setting; felt sorry for the Iron Giant. Some were glued to the screen. "Hogarth was afraid of the Iron Giant, but he saved him anyway." "It showed how to be friendly to someone who is different from you."

New York Times - 7
Lawrence Van Gelder praised Giant, calling Brad Bird's effort a "smooth, skilled example of animated filmmaking," adding that the film may cater more to adults than to kids.

Newsweek - 9
Noting the uncommonly high caliber of the film, Ed Johnson-Ott hailed Giant's "smart script, expressive characters, (and) skillful mix of humor and sentiment."

Roger Ebert - 9
Mr. Ebert likened Giant's simplified character designs to contemporary anime, adding that like Japanese animation, Giant is a "real movie", and not simply a one-dimensional cartoon.

Los Angeles Times - 8
Explaining that the film was able to convey "child-like wonder" to a media savvy audience, Greg Turan thought Giant's message avoided being heavy-handed or trite.

S.F. Chronicle - 8
Peter Stack appreciated Giant's nostalgic atmosphere, citing the Cold War-era paranoia and B-grade monster flicks as "cleverly laced", and just one of the film's many "intelligent asides".

KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror Review - 0
KIDS FIRST! All-Star Endorsement (three-star rating). Heart-warming, feel-good, child-centered parable which delivers a message about anti-violence and hope. Military stereotyping generated discussion. Excellent animation. Contains violence which is relevant to telling the story. Ages 8-12.

The Object of My Affection
The Object of My Affection (1998)
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd
Director: Nicholas Hytner
Reel Snapshot: A straight mother-to-be and a gay man flirt with romance in this glossy comedy. Appealing leads and zesty script should charm mainstream romance fans not seeking heavy-duty emotional insight.

Runtime: 112 minutes
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy, Gay/Lesbian, Romance

New York Times - 6
Janet Maslin says this comedy is "easier to watch than it is to believe." Although the leads make an attractive pair, the story treats serious decisions glibly, avoiding difficult questions.

Los Angeles Times - 6
Kenneth Turan thinks this comedy establishes appealing characters in an interesting situation, but fails to deliver emotional insights. He regrets that attempts to increase "accessibility" may have weakened the script.

USA Today - 5
Susan Wloszczyna thinks you'd have to be crazy to root for this couple, no matter how pleasant they are individually. She calls the movie "well-intentioned but misdirected."

Roger Ebert - 5
Ebert thinks there's a good movie somewhere inside this sitcom-like scenario, struggling to get out. He wishes the whole movie maintained the mature level of its aging drama critic character.